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Välj vackra inredningsbilder från inspirerande hem med de senaste trenderna

Hur vi väljer att inreda våra hem reflekteras mycket i var vi kommer ifrån och vilken bakgrund vi har. Vi har lyckats samla en unik kollektion av inredningsbilder från många delar av världen och det som ligger närmst vårt hjärta – Skandinavien. Här väljer du själv kategori inom olika stilar och motiv som låter inspirationen flöda.

Samtliga av våra inredningsbilder passar perfekt för alla magasin som har inredningsreportage, heminredningstidningar eller annat som har med inredning att göra. I vårt stora utbud hittar du snabbt en kategori som passar dig, alltid i allra högsta kvalitet. Med detaljerade bilder på inledning får du inte bara den bästa skärpan men också en känsla som säger mer än tusen ord.

Läs mer om bakgrunden om våra bildserier och bekanta dig mer med historien bakom vår kollektion. Oavsett vilket utrymme i hemmet du är intresserad av får du alltid en stilfull bild som återspeglar gedigen kunskap och erfarenhet i området.
Hittade: 425 bild/bilder på 5 sida/sidor. Visar: bild 1 till 100.

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Bilder per sida: 
Nordic inspired home in Austria by Helmold-Hertrich (29 bilder)
nordic inspired home in Austria
Scandinavian style homestory in Germany by Helmold Hertrich (33 bilder)
Scandinavian style homestory in Germany
Large single family home on the island of Resarö by Magdalena Björnsdotter (33 bilder)
Minimalist living doesnt mean that you have to give up on comfort. Ida and Fadi, who live with their children and one kitty in a large, open, light and bright home are proof of that! Some real eye ca.. 
Restored house on the southern tip of Sweden by Mans Jensen (43 bilder)
Nostalgic country charm abounds in this small but beautiful Swedish cottage. Although it was in a ruinous state when sold, the new owners put a lot of love and effort into restoring it.
A terraced house on a riverside by Magdalena Björnsdotter (53 bilder)
Marit lives with her family in a small terraced house on the bank of the Dal River in Sweden. After the long dark winter months the qualified decorator is pleased that spring has arrived and brings th.. 
Swedish House in Falun by Magdalena Björnsdotter (53 bilder)
Smack dab in the middle of Falun you will find Annika Gezelius with her family in an 18th century cottage. But this Swedish gardening enthusiast is not content with bringing the outdoors, indoors. As .. 
A Swedish house with a touch of India by Magdalena Björnsdotter (62 bilder)
India is famous for being colourful and the colours are never soft shades but bright red, orange, green or blue. A bright throw on the sofa or bed can be enough to make you feel like a Maharaja or Ind.. 
A shabby chic style Swedish house by Magdalena Björnsdotter (51 bilder)
The simplest things often give us the most pleasure. Things which adapt to our personality and bring us joy with their universal simplicity. This is the principle behind the flea market style of Anna .. 
Apartment in Lidingö near Stockholm by Per Magnus Persson (22 bilder)
Because the color white reflects incoming light so well it make rooms look brighter and larger transforming the home into an elegant retreat. Comes with a feel good guarantee too!
A vacation cottage in Hvaler, Norway by Annette Nordstrøm (27 bilder)
Merethe Nyegaard Dehn chose traditional furniture and light colours for her cottage. Most of the new pieces come from Ikea, but she adds spice to the mix with great finds from flea markets. The result.. 
Cube shaped home in Dalarna, Sweden by Magdalena Björnsdotter (35 bilder)
The entire building is a lesson in contrasts. An angular, strictly structured house finds itself in the wilds of nature. Old is mixed with new. Raw materials are softened with fabric and curves meet s.. 
Renovated single family home on Lake Runn by Magdalena Björnsdotter (32 bilder)
Furnishings should be plain and simple but offer a little something unexpected too! As a free lance decorator Susanne knows how to put this principle into practice. Items collected from flea markets a.. 
Old Swedish building (1900) by Magdalena Björnsdotter (37 bilder)
Tidiness plays a starring role in Jennys spacious Stockholm town home. It is not just that the clothing and home accessories are all lined up in rank and file but the colors seemed to want to integrat.. 
A modern house in Sweden by Mans Jensen (43 bilder)
Perhaps the long winter nights are the cause of the Scandinavian predilection for everything light and white? With great simplicity of style, Nina and Nils have transformed a little old house in a pi.. 
An architects house in Lidingö near Stockholm by Per Magnus Persson (51 bilder)
orth east from Stockholm on one of the countless islands in the archipelago, you\'ll find the village of Lidingö. Smack dab in the middle of this natural paradise, Jeannie and Sten have created their .. 
A modern house in Älmhult (the home of IKEA) by Per Magnus Persson (23 bilder)
Älmhult is home to the headquarters of the most famous Swedish furniture company so it is only natural that some furnishings from the furniture giant can be found in this modern house. Combined with f.. 
Pale or lime, green defines the interior of this Norwegian Farm by Annette Nordstrøm (31 bilder)
Interior designer and photographer Annette Nordstrom has transformed a small nineteenth century farm into a perfect country refuge. The interior is constantly changing as she adds new exciting things .. 
A Swedish house in Dalarna with a Colorado feeling by Magdalena Björnsdotter (56 bilder)
Marie Porter has been living with her family in Colorado for 20 years. Every year, during the summer, she makes a trip to her home in Dalarna. There she passionately renovates old furniture and skillf.. 
The Photographers House in Gustafs, Dalarna, Sweden by Magdalena Björnsdotter (56 bilder)
Anyone who has ever seen an Astrid Lindgren book or film knows that Swedish houses mostly have red wooden facades. Such is the case with Magdalena Björnsdotter\'s house in Gustafs which she shares wi.. 
A romantic white house in Stockholm by Per Magnus Persson (27 bilder)
Romantic, objective, cool or comfortable? White can be interpreted in many different ways. In contrast to other light colours, this shade can be combined with a variety of styles and always appears li.. 

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