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Customer agreement:

This image database contains photographs and illustrations from various publishing houses, agencies and photographers. To register as a customer and thereby gain access to this image database, you must accept the following terms.

As a customer you will receive a personal password that gives you the right to search for images, to download draft images and to purchase high-resolution images directly on-line. You are responsible for making sure your password does not end up in the wrong hands and that access to www.inaagency.se is not abused in any way.

A routine credit check will be performed before you are permitted to establish an account. Before each image purchase, you as a customer must check the regulations for the image you intend to purchase the right to use.

As a customer, you must always check to see what delivery terms apply to the image you intend to purchase the right to use. You are not entitled to purchase the rights to an image without first confirming whether the image regulations and delivery terms are acceptable to you and compatible with the intended use of the picture.

If a customer account and/or password is abused, INA AGENCY PRESS has the right to close the account in question immediately.

If an image is used in contravention of the image regulations or if a false image usage and/or size is claimed, INA AGENCY PRESS is entitled to take legal action.

Customer obligations:
  • No repeated image use without permission.
  • Prevent unauthorized orders and use of your account.
  • Enter truthful information regarding intended use when purchasing images.
  • Make sure that draft images are only used internally in preliminary layouts and drafts. Drafts may be displayed for internal or end client approval. After completed layout and draft work, all digital copies must be deleted.

Upon completed download of high-resolution image, the customer assumes responsibility for payment according to the following delivery terms (Click here to view)


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